Enhance each and every snack or meal.
Black Earth Preserves, handmade New Zealand gourmet sauces, make each mouthful memorable.

Black Earth preserves Company stands today on what was once an ancient Kauri forest. Our homemade sauces deliver extraordinary flavour.

It’s in the ingredients.

The homegrown fruit, vegetables and spices in our sauces are cultivated in Omaha’s fertile black peat soil, enriched by the heart of mighty kauri.

You can taste it.

Sauces with depth.
Good things take time.

Appreciate the flavour you’d expect of a product with 1000s of years in the making.

Black Earth is not your average sauce and pickle maker. We’re a New Zealand boutique preserves and sauce company and we share your passion for quality fine foods.

Quality and ingredients are never compromised.

Real flavour comes from real people who are passionate about what they do. Black Earth sauces and pickles give great taste to good food.

“Only Put The Good Stuff On”

Once our homemade sauces are in your fridge, you’ll never want to be without them.

Black Earth Preserves
134 Jones Road, Omaha

021 171 6672